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  • Weekly links for 2018-07-20

    A Compositional Quantum Programming Language - YouTube
    Quipper is a high-level functional programming language for quantum computing
    git:deck is a unique playing cards deck, where each individual card contains a useful Git command and a brief description explaining it.
    Hypothesis – The Internet, peer reviewed.
    Annotate the web, with anyone, anywhere.
    We’re a nonprofit on a mission to bring an open conversation over the whole web. Use Hypothesis right now to hold discussions, read socially, organize your research, and take personal notes
    Liberapay is a recurrent donations platform.

    We help you fund the creators and projects you appreciate.
    Stop YouTubing your Videos for Free!!! - Muvi
    You’re spending in sending traffic to YouTube, not Your Service
    Your entire marketing campaign is based on driving your potential viewrs to YouTube.com/YourBrand. When you market your YouTube channel, you actually send FREE traffic to YouTube. Your viewers will go to YouTube first and then search for your content/channel, which means YouTube getting free marketing on your expense! Are you sure you want to promote someone else’s brand for Free?
  • Weekly links for 2018-05-31

    In Solidarity with Library Genesis and Sci-hub
    There are many businessmen who own knowledge today. Consider Elsevier, the largest scholarly publisher, whose 37% profit margin1 stands in sharp contrast to the rising fees, expanding student loan debt and poverty-level wages for adjunct faculty. Elsevier owns some of the largest databases of academic material, which are licensed at prices so scandalously high that even Harvard, the richest university of the global north, has complained that it cannot afford them any longer. Robert Darnton, the past director of Harvard Library, says "We faculty do the research, write the papers, referee papers by other researchers, serve on editorial boards, all of it for free … and then we buy back the results of our labour at outrageous prices."2 For all the work supported by public money benefiting scholarly publishers, particularly the peer review that grounds their legitimacy, journal articles are priced such that they prohibit access to science to many academics - and all non-academics - across the world, and render it a token of privilege.3
    string diagram generation for monoidal categories
    Cateno is a system for computational category theory and applications. It provides an interactive calculator for free morphism expressions and string diagram generation for monoidal categories. It also handles concrete categories, and can be used as a typed numerical linear algebra system.
    Binder (beta)
    Have a repository full of Jupyter notebooks? With Binder, open those notebooks in an executable environment, making your code immediately reproducible by anyone, anywhere.
    slides/slides.md at master · Gabriel439/slides
    Nix: under the hood % Gabriel Gonzalez % December 7, 2017
    Gaussian Processes in Practice Workshop
    Bletchley Park 2006 - VideoLectures - VideoLectures.NET
  • Weekly links for 2017-12-03

    zeit/release: Generate changelogs with a single command
    When run, this command line interface automatically generates a new GitHub Release and populates it with the changes (commits) made since the last release.
    danidiaz/streamy: Using Backpack to abstract over the main Haskell streaming libraries.
    Using Backpack to abstract over the main Haskell streaming libraries.
    typicode/hotel: A simple process manager for developers. Start apps from your browser and access them using local .dev domains
    🏩 A simple process manager for developers. Start apps from your browser and access them using local .dev domains
    Storybook Examples

    We write a few stories for our todo list component’s different states.
    Then you can interact with them inside React Storybook
    RunKit: Example Notebooks
    Explore RunKit
    See the interesting things people are creating with RunKit.
  • Weekly links for 2017-10-26

    The Programming Languages Zoo
    The Programming Languages Zoo is a collection of miniature programming languages which demonstrates various concepts and techniques used in programming language design and implementation. It is a good starting point for those who would like to implement their own programming language, or just learn how it is done.
    Emacs Major mode for working with Dhall configuration language
  • Weekly links for 2017-09-18

    This project aims to create a next-generation live programming environment that radically improves the programming experience
    firehol/netdata: Get control of your servers. Simple. Effective. Awesome! https://my-netdata.io/
    netdata is a system for distributed real-time performance and health monitoring. It provides unparalleled insights, in real-time, of everything happening on the system it runs (including applications such as web and database servers), using modern interactive web dashboards.
    Why Momentum Really Works
    Really nice illustrated mathematics on the web
    sweirich/pi-forall: A demo implementation of a simple dependently-typed language
    Pi-Forall language

    This language implementation is designed to accompany four lectures at OPLSS during Summer 2014. Notes for these lectures are included in the distribution: