Weekly links for 2018-11-29

org-babel-scheme/org-babel-scheme.org at master · jonnay/org-babel-scheme
This is an example of both using org-babel to tangle output, and how to make a new org-babel mode for a new language.
Nix · direnv/direnv Wiki
Direnv now supports nix as part of its stdlib.
direnv - unclutter your .profile
direnv is an environment switcher for the shell. It knows how to hook into bash, zsh, tcsh, fish shell and elvish to load or unload environment variables depending on the current directory. This allows project-specific environment variables without cluttering the ~/.profile file.
Introducing Hooks – React
Hooks are a new feature proposal that lets you use state and other React features without writing a class. They’re currently in React v16.7.0-alpha and being discussed in an open RFC.
ustwo/mastermind: Man in the middle testing
Mastermind is a CLI using mitmproxy that offers an easy way to mock a service (e.g. API, Website) defining rules per URL or URL patterns, defining rules to intercept HTTP(S) requests and mock its responses. By default it makes sure the OSX proxy settings are enabled only when the proxy is running.